Spatulatta Cookbook

Spatulatta Cookbook Cover The Spatulatta Cookbook is the book companion to the James Beard Award-winning webcast featuring the Gerasole sisters, Isabella (age 11) and Olivia (age 9). Containing more than 50 fun recipes arranged by season, The Spatulatta Cookbook includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos; special sections for vegetarians and snack foods; basic cooking skills; plus information on weights and measures.

The accessible, kid-friendly and healthy recipes range from the basic “Mom’s the Star Toast” and “Papa’s Pesto,” to more intricate ethnic dishes such as, “Yumbo Gumbo,” “Tass Kebab,” and “My Big Fat Italian Dinner.” Seasonal and special occasion offerings include “Bunny Salad for Spring,” “Harvest Soup,” and “Be My Valentine Chicken Sauté.”

Isabella and Olivia Gerasole became the youngest winners in the 16-year history of the James Beard Foundation Awards when they won the medal for their webcast on the website ( They have appeared on the “Today Show,” “The View,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” among many other national media outlets. Launched in April 2005, Spatulatta is a forum for these spunky sisters to teach other kids how to cook and eat well. Isabella and Olivia inspire and motivate other kids to become chefs and have fun while making healthy meals and snacks.

The Spatulatta Cookbook
Written by Isabella and Olivia Gerasole
Publication Date: September 2007
ISBN: 0-439-02250-7






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