Cook by the book

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a story about building community. A version of the story exists in just about every culture.

When we started to film “Stone Soup” Belle read through the story of how the monks had visited the village and said, “In order to make Stone Soup, we need villagers.” So she rounded up the neighbors and we reenacted the book – to a point. Unfortunately, before the soup was done everyone had to go home to eat their own dinner and do their homework.

You can do a bit more planning than we did. Have a Stone Soup party and ask your neighbors to each bring something for the soup. Food is a great way to cement friendships.

NOTE: Please don’t use real stones because you don’t know what kind of minerals they have inside. It might be something you really don’t want to eat!

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Dinner/ Featured/ Lunch/ Vegetarian

Papa’s Pesto

Kids love pasta. There is no doubt about that!

This recipe has become a summer favorite around the Spatulatta kitchen. It starts in the garden when we plant the basil plants in spring. The anticipation of watching the plants mature is always a great topic of conversation around here. When are their enough leaves to make up the cups needed for pesto!

The hardest part is washing and picking the basil leaves but if you have lots of hands, the work goes quickly.

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Picnic/ Salad/ Vegetarian

End of Summer Salad

End of Summer Salad

This salad combines all the wonders of harvest, pairing bright cherry tomatoes with corn freshly cut from the cob. Black olives and avocado, not only provide color, but fill this salad so full of favor you will make it a meal.

There’s no cooking, just arranging things on a pretty plate. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment when they bring this lovely dish to the table.

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